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CLC - Certified Lead Carpenter

CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter) - The CLC designation denotes professionals who are hands-on field personnel and oversee every aspect of a project. This includes personnel management, job safety, and administration during production of the project to ensure customer satisfaction. Certified Lead Carpenters are given a different written exam specific to their role as the hands-on remodeling expert.


Certified Lead Carpenters

Advantage Remodel
Andy Schafer, CKBR, CLC

Bartelme Builders, Inc.
Richard Gemoll, CLC

Borth-Wilson Plumbing & Remodeling, Inc.
Joseph Polchert, CLC

Brillo Home
Improvements, Inc.

Michael J. Bovee, CLC
Scott Gretzon, CLC
James Zaja, CLC
Steve Andrzejewski, CLC
Ryan  Werner, CLC

Callen Construction, Inc.
Derek Harcus, CLC
Joshua Salapat, CLC
Robert Pavlick, CLC
Ryan Rieck, CLC

Carmel Builders, Inc.
Arthur Cartes, CLC

Connor Remodeling
& Design, Inc.

Kevin Connor, CR, CLC

Dimension Design, Build, Remodel, Inc.
James DeWalt, CLC

Oak Creek Plumbing Kitchen and Bath
Tim Rosploch, CLC
Andrew Ciuala, CLC

QRS Group
David Deblitz, CLC
Jacob Ruiz, CKBR, CLC

Refined Renovations
Dalton Riner, CLC
Andrew Schade, CLC

Renovators, Ltd.
Richard Ripple, CLC
Duston Sieglaff, CLC

S. J. Janis Company, Inc.
Scott Golembiewski, CR, CLC
Shawn Hubatch, CLC

Urban Herriges
& Sons, Inc.
Joseph Herriges, CLC

Winters Group, LLC
Michael Schulz, CLC